On the Log On the Log is Back! “Looking at the Future Through the rear view mirror”

November 8, 2015  

This time around I'm very pleased to have as my guest is Sarah White, president of The Association of Personal Historians. Sarah explains what personal history is, and why it is so important to preserve.

If you want to learn more about doing your personal history, start here!
October 25, 2015  

In the age of instantly accessible information, what the role of the library and the librarian? I welcome Connie Crosby, president of The Canadian Association of Law Libraries to show to discuss where libraries fit in the Google era.

You can also find Connie on twitter as @conniecrosby !

October 11, 2015  

When looking at the impact of younger voters in the upcoming federal election in Canada, who better to speak with than a politically aware and active member of that demographic? Lauren Boothby (active on Twitter as @Laurby), a student from Ontario, joins me for a great conversation.

September 27, 2015  

This time around I speak with Canadian Steampunk author Rebecca Diem about her novella series Tales of the Captain Duke. We also discuss the attraction of Steampunk in general.

Photo by John Meadows. Note the steampunk camera phone I built for the shoot! :-)

September 13, 2015  

In the context of a social media culture of increasing openness and transparency, I speak with blogger and Podcaster Candice Lepage, who has been unflinchingly dealing and openly with the emotional turmoil of a break-up through her podcast 100% Candice

August 30, 2015  

This time around I chat with my good friend Alex Lucykx about the hobby of historical re-enactment.

August 15, 2015  

In a wide-ranging discussion with Grant Markham, host and creator of The Stranger Conversations podcast, we talk about what it's like interacting with strangers, through the technology of the internet. You can also find Grant on twitter: @TheStrangerCons or @insta_grants2

August 2, 2015  

This time around, fellow podcaster Jason Reese and I geek out about legacy computer technology.

Here's a trip down memory lane, mentioned in the podcast! At least watch it for the hair!
July 18, 2015  

This week I am very happy to have my friend Mark Blevis on the show. As an author and consultant in reputation and issues management, Mark is uniquely qualified to discuss shaming and punishment on the Internet

July 3, 2015  

This time around I talk with my good friend Brent Morris (pictured below from a photo shoot I did with him recently) talk about the current state of video gaming. Brent has a lot of great indie game recommendations here!

Music (as suggested by Brent) is Seminole, a great tune by NoMbe!

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