On the Log On the Log is Back! “Looking at the Future Through the rear view mirror”

June 19, 2015  

Thrilled to be back after a 5 year absence! This time around I talk with Doug Slater, the set designer behind such Shows as Lost Girl, and the new Show Dark matter. The topic is how the tools of the trade have changed, and how it affects his creative process.

Doug is also a podcaster! Check out his show!

Note: As mentioned on the show, I did have some sound issues with the Skype interview. Sorry!!
June 15, 2015  

I am happy to announce that after an almost five year hiatus that my On the Log podcast is back! In this show I "look at the future through the rear view mirror" by talking with people about technology and trends. This episode is a teaser; so far I have three interviews lined up with three fascinating people, so stay tuned!


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